Who We Are

About Sturdy Real Estate

Sturdy Real Estate is an agent-centered company based in Springfield, Missouri serving the greater southwestern Missouri and Arkansas areas. Through continuous professional development and support, Sturdy empowers its team of local agents to provide the best experience for home buyers, sellers and our community.

At Sturdy Real Estate, our vision is to be the most trusted real estate brokerage in every community we serve.

Our History

Sturdy Real Estate was founded in 2010 in Springfield, MO on the philosophy that we treat each of our clients not just how we would want to be treated, but how they would want to be treated as well. One decade later, our company continues to expand into new markets in Southwest Missouri and beyond with this same philosophy. When you work with any Sturdy Real Estate agent, you can expect transparent communication in a buying or selling process tailored to your unique needs; and with our in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing housing market, our team strives to take the stress and uncertainty out of buying or selling a home.

Our Creed

Our vision is to be the best and most trusted real estate brokerage in every community we serve. Our mission and purpose is to give exceptional service to our clients through the utmost care, attention, expertise and knowledge of the housing market, our communities, cities and our region.


We’re a team. Regardless of production or status, every agent is treated with the same level of respect. We have each other’s back and support each other, and we strive to support each of our clients in the same way.


Our client’s best interest is our #1 priority, and our level of service doesn’t depend on the price of the property. Whether you have a $30K home or a $3M commercial property, you’ll receive the same respect and professionalism from the Sturdy team.


The high road is always the best road. That belief helps us earn the trust of our agents, our clients and the people in the communities we serve. 


We help new and veteran real estate agents alike grow through training, market trends reporting and learning something new daily. We’re the right brokerage for the right agents, and the right agents attract satisfied clients.


Loyalty and integrity are our greatest assets, not the amount of commission we make from a sale. Success isn’t a magic pill, it’s earned through consistent, hard work.


We hustle for something bigger than ourselves. We believe that ego is about focusing on who is right, while the truth is about actually doing what is right. We will always be the truth.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Every member of the Sturdy Real Estate team understands that our clients’ needs are our #1 priority. Day in and day out, no matter where our properties may be, we firmly believe in treating customers and each other with the highest level of professionalism and respect.


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