About Stacy

Stacy Metge was born and raised in Seymour, Mo. In 2007 her husband, Cory, joined the Army and they moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. After 10 years living the Military life, with 4 years of that being in Special Forces, her family moved back to the Ozarks where they raise their 2 kids. In 2013 Stacy graduated from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy with her Neuromuscular Massage Therapy degree and has been treating patients all over the country. Now back in the Greater Springfield area, Stacy wants to take her military experience and use it to help her real estate clients navigate the market. For her military clients, she wants to make sure they take full use of the VA loan these families have worked so hard for. For her non-military clients, she has educated herself with Conventional, FHA, and USDA loans as well. She has a team of vendors that support her and her clients to the main goal of homeownership. Stacy’s enthusiasm for real estate is matched by her passion for her family and clients. Her affinity for the outdoors is punctuated by hiking, gardening, cooking, and watching her kids play sports.

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