Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

So you like to procrastinate, do you? Mmmhmm. Yeah, I’m familiar with that way of life, too. Except this time, I thought ahead so I could save your Valentine’s heart, and save you from a slow death. Broken up into 5 Love Language categories, you can pick the best option for how your sweetheart likes love expressed.


1. WRITE HER/HIM A CARD OR LOVE LETTER – getting a handwritten note from your sweetheart is oh so sweet. Use affirming language that expresses what your sweetheart means to you, how important they are, and how much you appreciate their contributions. Also, you might want to tell them you like their butt. Or haircut. Or something else extra sweet.
2. SING IT, SAY IT, PRINT IT ON A STONE – maybe you’re a singer, then sing your affirming words! Or perhaps you prefer the verbal word over the written one, just take the time to say out loud how much you love your sweetheart. Or maybe you want the words to have more permanence, give him/her something with the words written in stone.


1. GO TAKE A HIKE – hold hands, talk, listen, look at each other, pay attention, and just be with your sweetheart.
2. SIT IN YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TOGETHER WITH A CUP OF HOT COCOA – or wine, or bourbon, or tea, doesn’t matter…the important thing is to just spend time together. You could read a chapter of a book together and spend time discussing it. Or just sit and talk about your day, or what you want to do together in the next year. Whatever it is, focus on each other.


This is going to be a bit more difficult if you’ve procrastinated, however, if this is the love language your significant other speaks then you better show up with a gift. People who speak this love language see the gift as proof the other person was thinking of them when they’re not around, and that the other person cares.
1. SPA DAY! – head over to Grove Spa and pick up a gift card that will help your sweetheart relax, and feel pampered, and loved.
2. BUY A BOOK & MAKE THIS ADORABLE HEART-SHAPPED BOOK MARK – learn how to make the bookmark, there are lots of great places to buy books in town but may I suggest the local bookstore BookMarx.


1. CLEAN THE HOUSE & MAKE DINNER – nothing speaks louder than actions. Take a few items off your sweetheart's to-do list and this Valentine’s Day will be one to remember.
2. TAKE HIS/HER CAR FOR AN OIL CHANGE, FILL IT UP WITH FUEL, CLEAN THE CAR INSIDE & OUT – I saw a friend’s FB post recently where the wife was bragging about her husband because he filled her car up with gas. This simple act of service is so nice, heartfelt, and helpful!


1. HOLD HANDS – if physical touch isn’t your love language or if you grew up in a home that didn’t touch much, then expressing this love language is going to take some thought and purposefully touching, but it’s going to be SUPER easy on the budget.
2. GIVE EACH OTHER BACK RUBS – turn on some soft music, light a candle, bust out some coconut oil or lotion, and get to rubbing! What a great way to spend time together, touch each other, and rub out the aches and pains.

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