Spring Home Trends That Don’t Drive Me Crazy…Yet

Spring Home Trends That Don’t Drive Me Crazy…Yet



These colors are perfect to add a little bit of pop. They’re warm and inviting.


Velvet is all the rage in clothing once again and now, in furniture. I love a couch or chair in a bright color in velvet. Soft to the touch and bold in style.


I love open shelving IF the homeowner is very clean and organized. There are so many opportunities to add cute little touches and pops of color. The openness can make a small kitchen seem bigger, too.


I LOVE mid-century furniture design but an entire room of mid-century furniture can be a little overboard. A little mixing of century designs can fix that problem. Like in the picture below: the chairs and footstools have clean lines like mid-century designs, while the round wood table and the rounded edges on the couch are more traditional designs.


A bold backsplash can completely change the feel of a kitchen or bathroom.


Wallpaper has come a LONG way. You won’t want to replicate the first picture, but now wallpaper can add dimension and character to a room, like the geometric wallpaper pictured second.

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