October 20, 2020

Why do REALTORS® always want me to get Pre-Qualified for a Loan before we look at homes?

There’s many reasons Realtors want you to get pre-qualified with a lender before we take you out to look at homes.

1) A lender can give you the EXACT price range you will need to stay in for the monthly payment you want to be in.

2) Lenders can also give you the loan type options that you will qualify for. Example: You qualify for a USDA Loan. But did you know we can only use USDA Loans in certain areas? Once we know a price range and loan type, we can narrow down areas to be looking for your new home in.

3) Safety- As Realtors, you must understand that we get calls from all sorts of people wanting to immediately see a property. Brokerages have safety protocols that state we must know if they are a qualified buyer before going out and showing property to random people. If we know that you took the time to talk to a lender and have a qualification letter you can show, we know you’re serious.

Realtors only get paid unless they help you Buy or Sell a property. We must assume that if you are not willing to take the proper steps to purchase, you aren’t serious about Buying.

The more you know…

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